About Lisa:

Lisa Shapiro holds a BA in Psychology and Master’s in Education from George Mason University. She has a professional background in writing, research, digital marketing, and social media.

A native Washingtonian, she first discovered her passion for entrepreneurship in high school, when she became an affiliate for a paging company before cell phones even hit the market. Even before college she knew that she wasn’t meant to work for anyone else and had dreams of being her own boss. 

She is a natural community organizer with a passion for connecting others. In addition to the DCfempreneur online and meetup groups, she is the organizer of other local entrepreneur groups, such as NoVa Entrepreneur and Small Business Networking and community interest groups, like the NoVa Planner Societyand PowerSheets Accountability.

She made a career out of being a food blogger and is known among her friends and family as a “go-to” person for dining recommendations in the nation’s capital. Lisa lives in Burke, VA and is a mother of two children.

My Story:

In February 2012, I created this blog, “The Yin 2 My Yang“: to serve as an online journal to discuss my journey of becoming healthy, happy, and obtaining more personal meaning in my life. I had decided that I was ready to search for more meaning in my life. I generally didn’t feel fulfilled by life. I was on a quest to find happiness (whatever that means) and to learn more about “ME.”

Since starting this blog in February 2012, I have learned to embrace a lot about myself–the good and the challenges. For as long as I can remember, I have always thrived on the feeling of being a part of something—creating something where I saw there was a need.

In the 6th grade, I was disappointed that there was no school newsletter. I saw a need for community and communication so I started one myself.

In high school, everyone had pagers (and no, Ma, we weren’t drug dealers). So what did I do? I became a re-seller. I sold the pagers and service to my friends cheaper than the large companies sold them. Yes, I made some money, but most importantly, it made me feel alive!

As a teen, what did I spend my money on? No, not makeup. I spent it all on dining out. I was a “foodie” before that became a thing. I was obsessed with food critics. Fast forward a decade-ish to 2007. I started a food blog, Dining in DC (original blog the .net site is now sadly extinct).
But why? It was my passion. I ate (duh) and breathed the DC area food scene. I loved being a part of the blogger community. A few years later, I joined forces with three other bloggers to form a media/marketing company (and we made good money) and became life-long friends.

After 8+ years, I sold my blog and started looking for a new venture. Little did I know that my true passion is being an entrepreneur!

Connect with me and let’s see how we can work together!
I hope to hear from you! Feel free to message me at Lisa@DCfempreneur.com

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